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Volodin Viktor Mikhaylovich, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, dean of the faculty of economics and administration, Penza State University,

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Petr Arkadyevich Stolypin (1862–1911) was a statesman in the Russian Empire. At the posts of the minister of the interior and the prime minister, which he held until his death, Stolypin promoted a series of bills known in history as the Stolypin’s agrarian reform. The main concept of the reform was the introduction of peasant’s private land property. The results of the reform are characterized by a rapid growth of agrarian production, increase of internal market capacity, rise of agricultural products export, provided the balance of trade in Russia obtained a more active trend. As a result the reform helped the agriculture out of crisis as well as turned it into primary direction of Russian economic development. His words such as “You can not intimidate us” and “The need great perturbations, we need the great Russia” became catch phrases.

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Russia in the early XXth century, P.A. Stolypin, agrarian reform, revolution of 1905-1907, peasants’ land property, zemstvo.

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